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Turn Watcher 2.0 — A Status Update

Okay, so another update on the plight of my brainchild, Turn Watcher, version 2.0. With the conversion to wxWidgets, I find I am staring at a nasty bug deep within the wxWidgets code that I am having a tough time overcoming, and that is putting the project on hold until I can figure out how to fix it. Apparently it was patched and somehow cropped back up again.

In that spirit, I have decided ...

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Turn Watcher Version 2.0–What’s the Hold-up?!


About six months ago (or has it been longer? I dunno–time flies when you’re having fun!) I finally decided I’d had enough of Gtkmm and Gtk+. I had been working to port our D&D initiative tracking (and more!) application Turn Watcher to Mac OS/X. And I had been spending quite a lot of time on it too. But everything I did resulted in undefined behavior and crashes when ...

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Wonderful software!

Testimonial author: 
Wendy a.k.a. Cat

I LOVE this. I run a small group that only gets together once a month (or so), and I've tried many methods to make my combat tracking more efficient: tables, charts, combat cards, Excel spreadsheets... I try to randomize as much as possible in the actual combat encounters, because I don't like to "lead" my players, but that was making the combat tracking extremely unwieldy. I was ...

Greatest thing since d20!

Testimonial author: 
Karl V. Miller

Turn Watcher is the greatest thing to come along since the 20 sider. It drastically improves the quality of combat and the pace of my games. I highly recommend it to any DMs out there. More about Karl V. Miller at Warp 11