AFK: The Webseries

There is this mini series, call AFK: Webseries, that came out on Nov 15, 2015. The story: A bunch of computer RPG (Role Playing Game) players get sucked in the fantasy world they are playing that night. The series starts with each one awakening as their characters. They have a headacke which disappear fairly quickly and then realize that they are their character...

Note for those who don't know what the AFK abbreviation means: Away From Keyword.

The series retraces their life in their fantasy world, very much like a Dungeons & Dragons world without any NPCs. There are gnomes, elves, and zombies, oh and some humans too.

There are the videos for you to watch right here on this page! Each episode is only about 12 minutes. The first video is 22 minutes since it includes two episodes.

My following post is about the Awakening episodes. You can watch those right after Episodes I and II. They are about the Awakening of another six characters who appear in the following episodes so it is a good idea to see how they complete their team.

If you want more, don't hesitate to check out their channel. I did not put  the videos on how they've done the art, about the behind the scene, and a few other things that they have in their account. So there is additional content. Personally, I strongly suggest that you check the behind the scene videos after you watched the real thing. Otherwise you may get a few nuggests ahead of time... ("insider secrets"—this is your spoiler alert!)


Episodes I & II (Nov 5, 2015)


My following post, the Awakening episodes, could be watched here. It's about a few more characters awakening after the transfer.


Episode III (Nov 12, 2015)


Episode IV (Nov 19, 2015)


Episode V (Dec 3, 2015)


Episode VI (Dec 10, 2015)


Episode VII (Dec17, 2015)


Episode VIII (Dec 24, 2015)


Episode IX (Dec 31, 2015)


Episode X (Dec 31, 2014)


Episode XI (Jan 7, 2016)


Episode XII (Jan 14, 2017)


Now is time to go watch the other Awakening episodes if you have not yet done so.

If you've watched the Awakening episodes between episode II and III, then you have a few more entertaining (jokes) mini-videos called AFK: Vanya's Camp.

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