Ortloh Index


Races in Ortloh — All the Races generally found in Ortloh.


Abominations — See Yuan-ti.

Anathema — See Yuan-ti.

Dragons — Special features of Ortloh's Dragons.

Illithids — The few Illithids of Ortloh.

Malison — See Yuan-ti.

Mind Flayers — See Illithids.

Pure Blood — See Yuan-ti.

Yuan-ti — The large group of Yuan-ti of Ortloh.


Sleep Lilies — Flowers from the Skitabo Island with magical powers.

Non-Playing Characters (NPC) by Name

Zozz (TODO add link) — A Yuan-ti abomination trying to become an Anathema.


Ortloh Factions — The twelve belief systems of Ortloh.


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