Turn Watcher 2.0 — A Status Update

Okay, so another update on the plight of my brainchild, Turn Watcher, version 2.0. With the conversion to wxWidgets, I find I am staring at a nasty bug deep within the wxWidgets code that I am having a tough time overcoming, and that is putting the project on hold until I can figure out how to fix it. Apparently it was patched and somehow cropped back up again.

In that spirit, I have decided that I do not want to hold up a new release, so I’ve delved back into our source code archives and resurrected the code I actually had finished for version 1.4 (bear in mind, the last release was version 1.3). This code is still based on gtkmm, so a quick addition to the sandbox allows us to fly with it once again.

The idea is that I had added the code already to support “soft columns,” i.e custom columns that you, the GM, can add and customize. You can add your own roll columns, plus add “info” columns as well. One thing I’ve been asked about repeatedly was the ability to have a column for armor class. This new update will allow you to do such a thing. Now version 2.0 will have better bells and whistles, but I figure 1.4 needs to get out the door to help those GMs wanting to use it with Wizard’s new 4th edition system.

We will be making a release soon. I have to patch an old bug first which prevented the stabilization feature to work correctly. So you’ll have the bug fix, plus a cool new feature. Oh, and for those customers who have the year update for version 1.3, I’m going to ask Alexis to extend your update life and have access to this new update. I do this because I feel a bit bad for holding up version 2.0 for so long, and many customers have expressed concern that they have not received and update for a long time.

So, keep an eye on this blog and on the main site–we will be announcing a release soon!

Happy Gaming,
Doug Barbieri


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one more thing...

My post mentioned version 1.4--it is out now and will let you use the "soft columns" feature.

Doug Barbieri

CTO, Made to Order Software Corporation

Not giving up yet!

It has been a while time--you are right. Sadly, it's just the two of us working on the product and since Turn Watcher does not support us 100% we have to work on other contracts and things that pay the bills.

But please! Don't give up. We are working on version 2.0. Hang in there. :-)

Doug Barbieri

CTO, Made to Order Software Corporation

Give up?

 It's been almost nine months since the last status update with no release.  I'm guessing you just gave up?