Technical Requirements

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The following are the minimum requirements, although it is likely that Turn Watcher will work on system with older hardware. However, only Windows 2000 and better are supported. And modern (current) Linux distributions.


Operating System
Linux ( required)
Microsoft Windows (Win7/8/10)
(And soon Mac OS/X)
64Mb of RAM
Disk Space
64Mb of free space
Pentium (32bit, 64bit)
Video Card
800x600, 65 thousand colors

Note that Turn Watcher works in 640x480 in 16 colors (though in 16 colors, the icons will look broken.) If you have an old computer you'd like to use and the best resolution is only 640x480, Turn Watcher will work for you! And don't forget that Turn Watcher works under Linux...

We recommend a minimum resolution of 800x600 and a minimum of 65 thousand colors (16 bits).

We suggest 1024x768 and a video card supporting True Color (16 million colors) for best performances.

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