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Cyberpunk 2077 Shows Off Bustling Night City Concept Art

Cyberpunk -- suspended train
Image Source:

Eager fans cannot get their hands on the most awaited action role-playing game, Cyberpunk 2077, just yet. However, there are tons of promotional materials that gaming fans can feast their eyes on. Thanks to the developer, CD Projekt Red, who constantly teases gaming fans with masterful clips, trailers, and concept art.

And just recently, CD ...

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5 Types Of Challenging Games And The Benefits Of Playing Them

For as long as people have been interacting they have been playing games. Games give a fun outlet that does not stop the flow of conversation. They also can be very challenging.

Some of the best games are the ones that take awhile to get the hang of. They challenge your brain and sometimes your reflexes. Whether you are playing alone or with friends, the best games offer hours of ...

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Turn Watcher Dungeon Map Designer

Example of D&D drawn with my Dungeon Map Designer

Now a day, many draw maps of dungeons using super fancy tools. My problem with those is that I just can't read those maps quickly enough. It's very difficult to distinguish between the corridors and the walls.

I liked the old way where the walls are black and the corridors are white. Maybe I'm just an old fart too... Don't get me wrong, I like those new graphics, but to play ...

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The Ki-rin Celestial

The Ki-rin, Celestial creature in Dungeons & Dragon 5e, image from Volvo's Guide to Monsters created by Wizards of the Coast."In the last few years, I have been researching about Ki-rins, these majestic creatures are rare and shy. It has been quite an adventure. Not just because they are rare, but even when you find the lair of one of these creatures, likely, you will not find him. They may be transformed in a mist, flying over the clouds, in the Ethereal or Astral planes. If you thought Unicorns were difficult to sight, Ki-rins are probably 10 times as hard to get even a glimpse."

Abiphisus, Paladin

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Xanathar's Guide to Everything (Dungeons & Dragons)

Most beholders are isolationists who hide in deep caves.

Xanathar, however, is quite a special kind of beholder. He likes to go on adventures and collect treasures and samples of the creatures he meets. Over the years he has writte many scrolls about his finds. This guides is a collection of those scrolls. (Even if he's to make you believe he can memorize everything... after all beholders ...

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Ultima IV

Ultima IV startup screen, showing a daemon, a dragon and a small scene with wizards, clerics, warriors fighting a boat.

When I was a kid, I got an incredible game on my Apple //c computer. That game was called:

Ultima IV

That game takes place in Britannia. It starts on the Earth, but you get sucked in Britannia through a magical gate. There you first meet with a gypsy who asks you a few questions and that forges the world of Britannia where you're going to be playing.

Various Documentation available on ...

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Hit Points, Temporary Hit Points, Bleeding, Death Saving Throw in Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons makes use of hit points to represent the health of a creature. Player characters gain additional hit points as they increase their character levels. The number of hit points varies depending on the character class.

Note that monsters can also be given more or less hit points depending on the situation. As a Dungeon Master you can also "auto-kill" a monster when it gets hit. I have done that once in a while. You just don't want to kill all your player characters. It's just not fun (although once in a while it can happen...)

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AFK: Vanya's Camp

Here we have a few mini-episodes which are actually jokes in the AFK: The Webseries world. I suggest you watch the other episodes first, that way you will certainly better understand the reason why Vany's has a Camp and what he's doing there.

These came out in 2017.

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How are dice being used in Dungeons & Dragons


Today, Dungeons & Dragons are rule books. However, to a minimum, if you actually want to play D&D, you need to get a set of dice. One set is 7 dice of various sizes as described in detail here.

These sizes are:

  • 1d4
  • 1d6
  • 1d8
  • 1d10 (x2)
  • 1d12
  • 1d20

Today, a set generally includes two 1d10 dice. One for the units and one for the tenth. ...

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Initiative in Dungeons & Dragons 5e


D&D Player's Handbook Cover picture--a female magicien is casting a spell against a fire giant; giant which takes most of the space on the coverDungeons & Dragons 5e is yet another big change.

The main one is the Return to the Source. Especially, it walked away from D&D 4e which transformed how spells and feats (Powers) worked. Being of the old school, I think this was the best move that Wizards of the Coast could have done with Dungeons & Dragons. Actually, maybe 4e should be called something else than ...

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