AFK The Webseries: Awakening

This is a mini webseries posted on YouTube.

If you have not yet seen the episodes I and II posted in 2015, then please go check that video first. It's here: AFK: The Webseries. The Awakenings videos are happening more or less along the episodes I, II, and III.

The storyline is a set of people playing a video game in a world similar to Dungeons & Dragons get sucked in the game and they now are living in their game. It takes them a little time to wake up and ... once awake they have to fight their way around trying to survive and maybe a way back home?

Later you check out Vanya's Camp. It's a set of funny miniseries videos in the set of Vanya's Camp.


AFK Webseries: Awakenings - Vanya (Nov 10, 2016)


AFK Webseries: Awakenings - V'rugga (Dec 8, 2016)


AFK Websites: Awakenings - Amy (Jan 9, 2017)


If you've already watched the 12 official episodes of AFK, then I suggest you now go check out AFK: Vanya's Camp for a few fun mini-episodes.

If you wanted to continue watching the 12 main episodes, then go back to AFK: The Webseries.

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