Wonderful software!

Testimonial author: 
Wendy a.k.a. Cat

I LOVE this. I run a small group that only gets together once a month (or so), and I've tried many methods to make my combat tracking more efficient: tables, charts, combat cards, Excel spreadsheets... I try to randomize as much as possible in the actual combat encounters, because I don't like to "lead" my players, but that was making the combat tracking extremely unwieldy. I was interested in Turn Watcher, and finally decided to try it out. It's great! Entering new combatants is easy, keeping track of damage is a breeze, and the UI is easy on the eyes - I had no trouble figuring out who was up or which characters made their spot checks or whatever. I also like how I can sort the combatants by name, initiative, etc., and how I can add spell effects and change the type of die I'm using for rolls, what the DC is, etc. All these things are so helpful, and it made this last session so much easier for me, and a lot more fun for my friends. My co-DM was impressed, and is going to buy a copy, and I've recommended it to all my friends who DM.

On the critical side, I have a couple of comments. The demo sucked. I understand you're protecting your product, but the demo really didn't win me over. Had I just gone by the demo, I wouldn't have bought it. The write-up, however, was superb, and _that_ is what sold me on the product. Also, I'd like it if there were a field for recording armor class for the characters/monsters. That's it - like I said, solid product. And the price!! So reasonable, especially for what you get.

Good luck, and let me know when you add the armor class field. *grin* I'll pay for the upgrade in a heartbeat...