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When Adventures Are Too Easy

From Roleplaying Tips Weekly #477 by Johnn Four

When Adventures Are Too Easy
by Kate Manchester

You spend hours planning and mapping out your adventure and sit down to begin the game session. An hour later, your PCs have managed to breeze through your carefully crafted encounters and handily win the day. And to add insult to injury, one of your players look at you and says, "that was too easy!"

Long Story Arcs - 3 Tips On How to Finish

From Roleplaying Tips Weekly #467 by Johnn Four

Long Story Arcs - 3 Tips On How To Finish

A reader wrote in with a request for tips on how to finish long plots. He just could not get closure. Following are three pieces of advice for game masters looking to run long campaigns to their natural conclusion.

More tips on how to finish long campaigns are welcome. Email me directly at

Roleplaying Tips Weekly #474

Turn Watcher LogoTurn Watcher Presents Roleplaying Tips Weekly from Johnn Four!

From Roleplaying Tips #474

Turn Watcher 2.0....when will it come out already?!

My apologies that this did not go out yesterday--I'm learning more and more about our Drupal system and, well, it took me by surprise that posting to my blog does not also post to the Newsletter (okay being facetious here ). So here is the original missive:

So is Turn Watcher getting to be a lot like Duke Nukem Forever?! I hope not! So I wanted to assure our customers that we are ...

A great product.

Testimonial author: 
Robert Herd

A great product. Using Turnwatcher on my laptop and displaying the player's HUD on my TV has taken my game to a new level! I've reduced the time it takes to run combat by at least 30%!

Looking for a Dice Roller?

Not so long ago, we offered a character generator on our website...

To compliment this, we are now offering a Dice Roller! Want a quick way to generate up massive damage caused by your high level wizard's best 9th level spell? We have a way on our Turn Watcher website!

Turn Watcher Dice Roller

Dungeons and Dragons Character Generator

The Turn Watcher website has been improved with the addition of an online Dungeons and Dragons Character Generator1!

  • 1. The Dungeons and Dragons Character Generator is for version 3.5 of Dungeons and Dragons.

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Ernest Gary Gygax—the father of Dungeons & Dragons


Ernest Gary Gygax (July 27, 1938 – March 4, 2008) (IPA: [ˈgaj.gæks])1

  • 1. Gygax, Gary (March 1985). "On the influence of J.R.R. Tolkien on the D&D and AD&D games". Dragon (95): 12–13. : "A careful examination of the games will quickly reveal that the major influences are Robert E. Howard, L. Sprague de Camp and Fletcher Pratt, Fritz ...

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Do you support Windows 64bit?

Yes. Turn Watcher works on Windows 64bit (Win64).

Although we do not offer a 64bit version, you can run the 32bit version on your MS-Windows 64bit system. This works with XP and Vista.

Check the Windows versions page for more information.

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Announcing Turn Watcher 1.4 and a new website!

Made to Order Software is proud to announce the release of Turn Watcher version 1.4 and a brand new website!

Turn Watcher version 1.4 incorporates not only some much needed bug fixes (specifically the Stabilize function) but the addition of a brand new feature: Soft Columns.

Use Soft Columns to add, edit and remove rolls and information columns to each of your combatants. For example, you may ...