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This page includes all the recent changes of the Turn Watcher website. If you cannot find what you are looking for, try the menus or the Site Index.

  • AFK: The Webseries (0)

    There is this mini series, call AFK: Webseries, that came out on Nov 15, 2015. The story: A bunch of computer RPG (Role Playing Game) players get sucked in the fantasy world they are playing that night. The series starts with each one awakening as their characters. They have a headacke which disappear fairly quickly and then realize that they are their character...

    Note for those who don't ...

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  • Looking for a Dice Roller? (0)

    Not so long ago, we offered a character generator on our website...

    To compliment this, we are now offering a Dice Roller! Want a quick way to generate up massive damage caused by your high level wizard's best 9th level spell? We have a way on our Turn Watcher website!

    Turn Watcher Dice Roller

  • Roleplaying Tips Weekly #488 (0)

    GMing Gods, Demons And Immortals

    Tips on running encounters with all-powerful beings. 
    Plus tips on how to prepare for game sessions using my loopy method.

  • Roleplaying Tips Weekly #493 (0)

    In this issue:

    • How to design a campaign
    • For your game: ten unsettling moments
    • Game master tips and tricks

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  • Keeping Track of Hit Points (0)

    Were you looking for my post about Hit Points, Temporary Hit Points, Bleeding, and Death instead of this Turn Watcher reference?

    Turn Watcher is also a Hit Point Tracker.

    When a PC or monster takes damage in combat, highlight the appropriate character and click on the Damage button. Enter the amount of damage and press the Add Damage button. Note that this does not change the initiative order as ...

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