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  • Turn Watcher Dungeon Map Designer (0)
    Example of D&D drawn with my Dungeon Map Designer

    Now a day, many draw maps of dungeons using super fancy tools. My problem with those is that I just can't read those maps quickly enough. It's very difficult to distinguish between the corridors and the walls.

    I liked the old way where the walls are black and the corridors are white. Maybe I'm just an old fart too... Don't get me wrong, I like those new graphics, but to play ...

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  • Turn Watcher™ (0)

    Attention RPG Game Masters!1

    • 1. Note that we do not say Dungeon Master because Turn Watcher really works with all d20 Games: Dungeons & Dragons (3e/4e/5e), Pathfinder, Modern, Star War, Traveller, Spycraft, ...

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  • The Ki-rin Celestial (0)

    The Ki-rin, Celestial creature in Dungeons & Dragon 5e, image from Volvo's Guide to Monsters created by Wizards of the Coast."In the last few years, I have been researching about Ki-rins, these majestic creatures are rare and shy. It has been quite an adventure. Not just because they are rare, but even when you find the lair of one of these creatures, likely, you will not find him. They may be transformed in a mist, flying over the clouds, in the Ethereal or Astral planes. If you thought Unicorns were difficult to sight, Ki-rins are probably 10 times as hard to get even a glimpse."

    Abiphisus, Paladin

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