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  • Posted on : November 2013

    Made to Order Software is proud to announce that the initiative tracker, Turn Watcher, has been released under the GPLv2 license. This means the code is now open, and the proprietary license gone!

    Find the source code, plus support features here:

    Presently, only GNU/Linux is supported, but eventually the goal is to make it work not only under ...

  • Posted on : October 2010

    In this issue:

    • How to design a campaign
    • For your game: ten unsettling moments
    • Game master tips and tricks

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  • Posted on : September 2010

    In this issue:

    • 4 Best Ways To Handle Town Guards
    • Character Development Template
    • Johnn Four's GM Guide Books

    Roleplaying Tips Weekly E-Zine Issue #492

    4 Best Ways To Handle Town Guards


  • Posted on : September 2010

    When Players Cheat: Game Master Tips to Keep Them In Line

    This week's article is a tricky one. I debated putting it in the ezine. I haven't gamed with a cheater in decades.

    However, I know other GMs are plagued with players who take the game too seriously, who hate to lose, or who have low self-confidence.

    --Johnn Fourr

  • Posted on : August 2010

    Superheroes Tips Series, Final Part

    Readers chime in with good advice about Big Boss Guys and more sources of GM superhero inspiration. Johnn rambles  on about why GMs fear game preparation so much. A guest author tells us a bit about Medieval peddlers and merchants.


  • Posted on : August 2010

    GM's Guide To Adventure Writing

    Old school advice means tough love for PCs and GMs, 
    but a compelling and challenging game because of it. 
    Plus a new contest. Send in your pick pockets contents
    ideas for a software giveaway.

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  • Posted on : August 2010

    GMing Gods, Demons And Immortals

    Tips on running encounters with all-powerful beings. 
    Plus tips on how to prepare for game sessions using my loopy method.

  • Posted on : July 2010

    Superheroes Tips Series Part 2: Super Tips For Beginners

    You can't run a superhero game and not read comic books. Better yet, read comic books that feature superhero teams.

  • Posted on : May 2010

    Roll-Play And Role-Play

    Readers respond to a tips request on how to add panache
    to dice rolls and results.

  • Posted on : April 2010

    The Care And Feeding Of Your GM

    Tips for players to help their game master enjoy each session and keep running adventures for the group