Turn Watcher 2.0....when will it come out already?!

My apologies that this did not go out yesterday--I'm learning more and more about our Drupal system and, well, it took me by surprise that posting to my blog does not also post to the Newsletter (okay being facetious here ). So here is the original missive:

So is Turn Watcher getting to be a lot like Duke Nukem Forever?! I hope not! So I wanted to assure our customers that we are still working on it...but progress has been slow. There are several really good reasons which I'd like to cover in this newsletter. But for the most part, I just wanted to let you know that it is still live.

So it's a Sunday morning for me, and my wife and I are just about to depart for San Jose to perform in the Star Wars in Concert (we are singing in the choir!). I am sipping my espresso and realize that I have a chance to dash off a quick note.

Since Turn Watcher is not our mainstay (my partner Alexis and I both need to contract in order to keep the bulk of the money coming in), I cannot focus on it 100% of the time (I would love to though!). Consequently, I work on it in fits and starts, grabbing precious free time to further the development.

Where it stands so far is that I am in process of converting the UI to Qt4 away from wxWidgets. Qt is superior to wxWidgets in many respects, offering a fuller, richer UI experience. This is a significant engineering effort, and as you can see, since we can only dedicate one part-time resource to it, it will take a while to deliver.

Some of the features planned are the HTML view, which you can expand more detail about the current combatant, taking advantage of custom fields you can add. Being able to remember previous effects is another oft asked for request. We have a list of features prioritized which we will try to get into the first release of 2.0. As always, you will have access to bug fixes and enhancements as we go.

Since Alexis is a web/Drupal wiz, he has created an amazing newsletter system so I will be posting more statuses (I promise!) as I make more progress. I would say that I am probably 30%-40% done and will keep you better informed.

Once again, apologizes for the delay! Here's wishing you many happy hours of rewarding game experience!