Looking for a Dice Roller?

Not so long ago, we offered a character generator on our website...

To compliment this, we are now offering a Dice Roller! Want a quick way to generate up massive damage caused by your high level wizard's best 9th level spell? We have a way on our Turn Watcher website!

Turn Watcher Dice Roller

It is based on jsDice (whose author prefers to stay anonymous...)

You can enter a count, a dice and an adjustment, then repeat to add multiple rolls. For instance, 3d6+4 will roll 3 dice with 6 faces and add 4 to the result; and 3d6+5d10-3 will roll 3 dice with 6 faces, 5 dice with 10 faces and subtract 3 to the total.

Thinking of something else? Let us know if there is anything you'd like to see on our Turn Watcher website. Don't hesitate to post a comment in our Forum or at the bottom of this post.