Effects Tracking

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When a combatant either creates an effect or is subject to an effect that lasts more than one round, Turn Watcher can track that effect for you. In fact, many effects on multiple combatants may be tracked similarly.

To add an effect, make sure the subject of the effect is highlighted in the main window, then click the "plus" button located on the effects panel:

Effects panel.

A dialog will appear allowing you to enter the details of the effect.

The form to add an effect.

Tip: Use the shortcut keys Shift-Ctrl-A to quickly add a new effect.

Enter an Effect Name, which will appear in the effect panel on the main window. Effect Description also appears in the effect panel when the current effect is chosen. You may put extra details into the field that will help you to remember what the effect does. For example, "adds a +1 morale bonus to all saves". Total Rounds allows you to specify the number of rounds the effect lasts, including the current round. Start In allows you to put a delay before the effect kicks in. Rounds Used you may leave at "0"—this gets updated by Turn Watcher automatically each round that the effect is in running.

The effect edit form.

The Temporary Hit Points field allows you to enter a number of temporary hit points which will be deducted first when the combatant takes damage. As soon as the effect stops, the hit points (HP) are removed automatically. Hit Point Boost will boost the combatants maximum hit points for the duration of the effect.

Tip:You may add and delete multiple effects by highlighting combatants in the main window. Use the Shift-Ctrl-A and Shift-Ctrl-X keys respectively for quick access.