Changing Characters' Initiative Order

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With Turn watcher, you can add or import characters during active combat. The new characters are placed at the end of the initiative order. You may move one or more characters up or down in initiative order by first highlighting the target characters and clicking Move Up or Move Down in the Rounds menu.

Pewfell Giant by Chuck WhelonTip: Use the Control + Up Arrow to move characters up in initiative order. Similarly, Control + Down Arrow moves characters down in initiative order.

Many players prefer to roll their own dice for initiative. If that describes your group, then Turn Watcher can oblige!

If you select the Manual Initiative Entry option in the Roll menu, then each time you tell Turn Watcher to roll initiative, it will allow you to enter the rolls manually by presenting a new dialog. Once you accept the new entries, Turn Watcher will sort the combatants in the correct order. (available since version 1.1)

By default, Turn Watcher will automatically roll initiative when you press the Start button. You may turn this off deselecting Roll Initiative on Start in the Roll menu. You can either roll initiative by using the Initiative entry in the Roll menu, or change the order of the combatants manually (see the Tip above).

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