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You can use keyboard shortcuts to access Turn Watcher's many features, instead of using the menus and toolbar.

The table below is a recap of the available keys. The menus also give you a list of the keyboard shortcuts.

Pewfell City by Check Whelon


—  File  —
Import Ctrl-I
Export Ctrl-E
Preferences Ctrl-P
Quit Ctrl-Q
—  Edit  —
Undo Ctrl-Z
Redo Ctrl-Y
Add Ctrl-A
Edit Ctrl-J
Delete Ctrl-X
Duplicate Ctrl-L
Purge Dead Characters Shift-Ctrl-P
Add Effect Shift-Ctrl-A
Edit Effect Shift-Ctrl-E
Delete Effect Shift-Ctrl-X
—  View  —
Show Toolbar Ctrl-T
Show on Bottom Ctrl-B
Show Effect Pane Ctrl-F
Show HUD Window Ctrl-H
—  Rounds  —
Start G
End E
Next Spacebar
Delay D
Ready R
Jump In J
Damage/Healing M
Stabilize B
Move Up Control + Arrow Up
Move Down Control + Arrow Down
—  Roll  —
Initiative I
Spot S
Listen L
Will W
—  Help  —
About Shift-Ctrl-H
Documentation F1
Tutorial F2
Contact F3
License F4
Turn Watcher Home Page Shift-Ctrl-T


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