Posted on 09/16/2009
A great product. Using Turnwatcher on my laptop and displaying the player's HUD on my TV has taken my game to a new level! I've reduced the time it takes to run combat by at least 30%! ...more
—Robert Herd


Posted on 12/10/2008
Since I purchased Turn Watcher a year ago, I have used it for every gaming session. My friends have all commented on how much more fun our combat is, because I'm really whipping through it - I don't lose track of whose turn it is, I am able to keep better tabs on damage done to all the PCs and NPCs, and it's significantly easier to track spell effects. ...more
—Wendy a.k.a. Cat


Posted on 12/17/2007
I LOVE this. I run a small group that only gets together once a month (or so), and I've tried many methods to make my combat tracking more efficient: tables, charts, combat cards, Excel spreadsheets... I try to randomize as much as possible in the actual combat encounters, because I don't like to "lead" my players, but that was making the combat tracking extremely unwieldy. I was ... ...more
—Wendy a.k.a. Cat


Posted on 02/24/2005
Turn Watcher is the greatest thing to come along since the 20 sider. It drastically improves the quality of combat and the pace of my games. I highly recommend it to any DMs out there. More about Karl V. Miller at Warp 11 ...more
—Karl V. Miller