One year later...

Testimonial author: 
Wendy a.k.a. Cat

Since I purchased Turn Watcher a year ago, I have used it for every gaming session. My friends have all commented on how much more fun our combat is, because I'm really whipping through it - I don't lose track of whose turn it is, I am able to keep better tabs on damage done to all the PCs and NPCs, and it's significantly easier to track spell effects. It really didn't take long to become accustomed to the UI, and now I fly through the mechanics of combat and can concentrate on the roleplaying. I also use it for all our spot checks, listen checks and non-combat spell and poison effects tracking. It's become my favorite DM tool, and I use Turn Watcher often enough for it to have paid for itself ten times over in convenience. In addition, let me say that it is a pleasure using a piece of software that does exactly what it is supposed to, with an efficient interface and easy-to-understand instructions. In my opinion, every DM needs a copy of this!!

If I could think of more good things to say that I haven't already said, I'd say them. *grin* I'm looking forward to that armor class field, and I am really excited about the player's HUD - that's going to come in handy. We've been talking about doing away with the traditional DM screen and using a second monitor instead, and this will fit in nicely with that. I'm also looking forward to being able to set up my own rolls - though I've just been using the rolls for Spot and Listen and marking the results down on my scratch pad. You guys have really impressed me - some of the DM software out there has obviously been written by people who've never been closer to a game than the movie, and it shows.