Sleep Lilies

Sleep LiliesOnly found in the Magical Skitabo Island, the Southern most island of the Orthloh Key Islands, the Sleep Lilies are very rare, beautiful flowers with a magical puff.

The lilies are gathered by the clerics of the Monestary of Skitabo. These clerics have been living in peace on their island for over a thousand years. Nearly no visitors come to the island, since it is protected by powerful sea krakens!

The lilies are used for their magical pollen. So far, the clerics have not found a way to create a garden of Sleep Lilies. The only way that they are able to collect these is to find them in the wild area of the island.

The clerics know of three magical effects when handling the pollen:

  1. Slumber

Air borne powder created from the pollen. The magic is very potent and only one grain of pollen is enough to put 1d6 hit points to sleep. In most cases, they create vials of 6 grains (like the Sleep Spell, to put 6d6 to sleep).

The vial is expected to be thrown. It affects an area of 15x15 feet is affected.

Treat the effects of this vial like the Sleep Spell.

  1. Sleep Walking

When prepared as a potion along with a Water Walking Spell, this liquid confers the drinker the magical power to teleport to any location once and act there as if they were physically there. Once the sleep walker wakes up, it is teleported back to its original location. A character can sleep in this way up to 1d4 hours.

If killed while sleep walking in this way, the drinker takes 6d6 necrotic damage, wakes up but is dazzled (incapacitated) for 1d4 rounds.

  1. Catalytic Sleep

When an entire flower is used to create a vegetable soup, the breverage induce a catatonic sleep to the drinker. This sleep lasts 10 years. It can be canceled by a spell such as Dispell Magic and Heal. Any spell, potion, etc. that heal poison or disease will work to awaken the person.

This potion is at times used by magicians to disappear for a while. The Skitabo clerics trade this kind of potion in order to get items that they need on the island.

Unknown to the cleric, there are two other quite potent usages:

  1. Visual Divination

When one grain of pollen enters the eye of a character, they can see what they are thinking about.

This is actually a divination through Skitabo, the turtle god. Over the years, the clerics who work with Sleep Lilies get a few grain of pollen in their eyes but they have not realized the side effects.

Treat this effect like the Divination spell. The person who receives the pollen in their eye just has to think about the question to receive a visual answer. Note that there will be no sound. Only the person affected sees through Skitabo's eyes.

The Divination is pretty much instantaneous, although the visual stays for 1 turn. There is 10% chance that the person receiving the pollen gets distracted and the question asked gets modified just before the effect starts. In that case, the Dungeon Master chooses what the character sees.

While the Divination is going, the character can't see anything else. They are blind to their direct surrounding.

Skitabo never lies, so the Divination always works as expected, however, it can only be used once every 10 days (i.e. one D&D week). Trying again too soon will have no effect at all.

  1. Purify Straw

Within the first 24h of the cut, the flower stem can be used as a straw. This straw will destroy all poison and diseases. However, the drinker is going to feel very sleepy and can barely move around for 1d6 hours.

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