Dragons in the world of Ortloh

Dragons are powerful creatures in D&D.

In Ortloh, Dragons have the following special features:

Dragon's Weakness to Music

All dragons living in the Ortloh world are affected by a curse which prevents them from attacking anyone when someone is currently playing an instrument within 120 feet of them.

This weakness can be used by characters to, for example, go by a dangerous dragon without having to fight it. Bards are particularly welcome on those adventures.

The weakness doesn't work if the dragon is deaf, the musician or dragon is silenced (a silence spell is cast on one of the other), if someone, anyone, attacks the dragon, there is too much noise for the music to make it to the dragon (strong wind, barking hellhounds, etc.)

Green dragons are in a real predicament with musical instruments. They love those and still know how easy it is to be controlled by them...

Magical Protection by Dragon's Blood

When a Dragon is slayed in Ortloh, someone can bathe in the blood. That gives the person a natural protection against slashing damages. Now the person has resistance to slashing.

Further, the resistance of the dragon is also transmitted if the person succeeds on a DC 18 Constitution. So a Red Dragon transmits its resistance to Fire. Only one resistance is transmitted. If the Dragon has two or more then roll a die to determine which resistance is transmitted.

Only one resistance can be gained in this way. If the character already has a resistance (i.e. a Dragonborn), that extra protection doesn't happen. Also, the Dragon's resistance to magic is not transmittable in this way.

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