Crashing on Add (1.0.109)

Ok, here is as much of my tech issue I know:

  1. Downloaded clea copy of turnwatcher
  2. Made a computer admin logon named "Dungeon Master".
  3. Installed Turnwatcher on that admin acct
  4. Rebooted computer
  5. Started Turnwatcher
  6. Clicked "add"
  7. Filled in charter information.
  8. Clicked "add" to add this party member to the encounter
  9. Turnwatcher crashed and produced one of those microsoft error reports.

I can't seem to add any players or monsters to an encounter file. Turnwatcher crashes 100% of the time I try it. I really want to use this software because it seems like it would be great! I hope we can work together to get this fix....I was just bragging to my players about my new What was that about counting chickens? Shocked Very Happy

Testing version 1.0.112

Hi there,

Thank you for helping us in testing the software in order to resolve this crashing bug.

We now have version 1.0.112 which resolves this crash. As reported by you (privately), you couldn't crash version 1.0.112.

We advice our current clients to stick with 1.0.109 if they do not have a problem with it. Otherwise, you are welcome to test 1.0.112. If you still have crashing problems, please let us know and we will look into it as fast as we can.

Thank you!

Alexis Wilke
Made to Order Software
+1 (916) 988 1450

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