Why is it when I create a new character/monster it asks for an initiative, and then when I hit the add button the initiative I entered is changed??  

I have Ultra turned off, and roll initiative on start disabled.

It makes it very difficult (and annoying) to have to add the characters, then go back and change their initiatives before starting. Is there a setting that will fix this?



Hi Snarky,

I am not following exactly what the problem is. Are you saying that you add a character, input the initiative modifier, and then when you edit the character, the initiative modifier is not correct?

What version are you running, by the way?

Doug Barbieri

CTO, Made to Order Software Corporation

I was running 1.2, but just

I was running 1.2, but just upgraded to 1.4 and still have the same issue.

Basically when I click add to create a new character/monster and I am entering in their name, HP, etc. When I put in their initiative (which I have already rolled) and I hit ok, the number in the initiative column doesnt match the number I just entered.

For instance, lets say I am adding a monster and I have rolled a 12, the monster has +3 to init so I put a 15 in the initiave column. I hit ok, and now TW shows an 8 for initiative.

I started thinking maybe the entry was just for the modifier, but then the above situation wouldnt be possible. If I entered 15 for the modifier, their initiative could never be 8.

Hopefully that makes sense.  Thanks!

Initiative is a modifier not the final roll

Hi Snarky,

Thanks for replying. The problem here is two-fold. When you add/edit a character, the Initiative column is not for the final roll, but for the modifier to future rolls. So say your combatant as a +1 for his Initiative. You would enter 1 in the Initiative column and click the "Ok" button.

Now as to the issue where you put in 15 but 8 still shows in the column; this is because Turn Watcher has not rerolled initiative, so the old value still shows. This possibly could be considered a bug since the values showing on the screen should in theory be updated when you change them.

The next time you roll initiative, however, the number will reflect a value that makes more sense. So you will see values like "25" for example.

Doug Barbieri

CTO, Made to Order Software Corporation

I guess that works for the

I guess that works for the initial entry of characters, but if I have to bring someone in, in the middle of combat that makes it a pain in the arse. If the value in the initiative column reflected your total init rather than the modifier it seems like it would be a lot easier to add someone in. Having to add them and then move them up or down sucks.

Also, whenever I delay someone and then have them jump in, their character gets highlighted in a blue color for the rest of the battle. That was on ver. 1.2 though so maybe its different now.


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