The text for the monsters on my main window isn't red like the screenshots I saw!

This was a problem with the KDE and the gtk2 engine. We had a .deb to install way back then. It can still be downloaded, but there is probably no point anymore. At this time it is not available publicly.

This package corrects the gtk-qt engine which is shipped stock with most distributions that run KDE and want to integrate GNOME/Gtk apps seemlessly.

  • Download the file onto your local hard-disk.

  • Example:


  • Open a Terminal or Konsole session (this gives you a Linux shell prompt: $)

  • Use the cd command to go to the directory in which you downloaded the Gtk-Qt engine.

  • Example:

    $ cd Desktop/Downloads

  • Install package with the dpkg command.

  • $ sudo dpkg -i gtk2-engines-gtk-qt_0.60-m2osw1_i386.deb

  • Make sure you restart Turn Watcher so the changes can take effect!

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This bug was fixed.

At the time, we reported that bug to the owner of the library. Since then, it has been incorparated in the code and thus any new version of Linux is not affected by this bug.

Alexis Wilke
Made to Order Software
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