Sean's Wishes!


  1. One of my top two Wishes, would be a switch for each NPC for whether they show up on the Player HUD or not.  That way I could add NPCs that are active in the scene but that PCs do not yet know about (running towards the PCs but as of yet out of sight, for example).  As soon as a PC sees an NPC you’d click the “switch” and he’s appear on the Player HUD.

  2. One of my top two Wishes, is not having the damage “Status” of Monsters so precisely mechanical on the Players’ HUD.  PCs should be able to tell whether a monster is hurt but much preferable would be via an in-character narrative.  Perhaps definable ranges with customizable narrative blurbs?  So I could choose that for Monsters with, say, 50% or less Hit Points remaining it would show “Bloodied”.  I could choose for when Hit Points got below 25%, maybe it reads “Seriously injured” and below 10% as “Hanging On” - or whathaveyou.  A nice bonus for this would be the ability to include style/font with those levels - perhaps light amber highlight for Bloodied, deep red highlight w/bold letters for Seriously Injured” and Black highlight w/red bolded lettering for Hanging On.

  3. Would like roll results to have the option of being “sticky” on the Monster HUD.  It’d be helpful for the GM to be able to make both a “Attack” roll + an “Evade” roll, for example, for all NPCs at the beginning of a Round and for both those #s to remain there to be able to be referenced during the Round.  As it is, any new roll of any type replaces the last one.

  4. It’d be cool to be able to load little pictures for individuals involved in a skirmish that would take the place of the pictures of the Monsters/Characters.  I think it’s a small thing that would punch above its weight in the immersion category.


  1. I’d like to be able to move customized columns over into the default columns.  More specifically, for example, I’d like to be able to move a customized column just to the right of an NPC’s name.

  2. Would like the DC Roll function to be able to judge Target Number success by rolling that TN# or less rather than only the TN# or more.  I play a d100 system and I think all of those are very likely to be the TN# or less.