Windows Installation

In order to install Turn Watcher on your Microsoft Windows system, you need to double click the Turn Watcher installer. Recognize the installer by its icon:

The helmet of Turn Watcher.
The Helmet

Turn Watcher has been tested and works under:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

Note that these instructions apply to all versions of Turn Watcher, including the Demonstration version, the Beta version and the Full version.

Once the installer is started, the installation will proceed in three steps: 

  1. On the first page, you will be prompted to read to the Turn Watcher license. If you choose to accept it, select the button: I accept the Turn Watcher license. With this button selected, you may press the Next button at the bottom right corner to continue. If you do not accept the license, please terminate the installer program and remove it from your system.
  2. The second page of the installer The second page asks you what elements of Turn Watcher you want to install. By default, Turn Watcher and its documentation are automatically selected. For instance, if you only want to install Turn Watcher, uncheck the documentation; this way you might save some space on your hard disk. Please note, however, if you choose not to install the online documentation, you will not have access to it via the Help menu in Turn Watcher. Once you are satisfied with your choice, click on Next to go to the last step.
  3. The third page lets you choose the location where Turn Watcher shall be installed on your hard disk. Type in the location where you want to install Turn Watcher, use the Browse button to select a new location, or leave it alone to accept the default location (this is recommended). You can type in a non-existant folder name in which case it will be created. Once you have chosen a destination folder, click on Install.

Once the installation is finished, the dialog shows a Close button at the bottom right. Click on it to terminate the installation program.

You are ready to run Turn Watcher! Go to your Start menu and start Turn Watcher, and enjoy!

Start -> Program Files -> Made to Order Software -> Turn Watcher

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