Other Linux Distributions

For other GNU/Linux distributions, download the tarball. You get all the files in that one tarball. Follow the instructions below:


$ cd ~/TurnWatcher

$ tar -xzf turnwatcher-1.4-m2osw2_i386.tar.gz

$ gunzip turnwatcher-1.4-m2osw2_i386.tar.gz
$ tar -xf turnwatcher-1.4-m2osw2_i386.tar

$ cd turnwatcher-1.4-m2osw2

$ ./install.sh

Important Note: Once installed, you may not be able to move the folder. If you need or want to do so and the software does not start properly, you can re-run this install script in the new location.

Example: /usr/bin/firefox

$ ./turnwatcher

  • Download the file in the directory where you want to install Turn Watcher. We suggest that you name that directory TurnWatcher.
  • Open a Unix shell (Terminal or Console)
  • Use the cd command to go to the directory in which you downloaded Turn Watcher.
  • Extract the files:
  • If your tar command doesn't understand the 'z' flag, use two commands like this:
  • Change directories into the turnwatcher folder.
  • Run the install script:
  • If the script can't figure out the pathname of your browser, it will ask you for the full path of your current browser.
  • Once finished, you can then run Turn Watcher!

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