Turn Watcher does not want to start, what should I do?

When changing versions of Turn Watcher, it can happen that the configuration file generates a crash and the application does not start. This can also happen if the configuration file was somehow corrupted.

If you cannot start Turn Watcher and see the first screen, we strongly suggest that you go in this directory under Microsoft Windows:

"C:\Users\<your_user_name>\AppData\Roaming\Made to Order Software Corporation\turnwatcher"

Or this directory under a Unix system:


And rename or delete the existing Turn Watcher configuration file which is called:


That means you lose your old configuration information, but can again run Turn Watcher.

The part <your_user_name> in the Microsoft Windows path is the name you used to log in the computer you are using. These directories may be hidden by default and you may need to change your folder settings to show normally hidden files.

The variable $HOME is your user home directory. You can also use the ~ character to reach the directory:

cd ~/.turnwatcher

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