September 2010

Mac OS/X

Has turn watcher been release for mac OS? That is the only portable device I have.

Roleplaying Tips Weekly #492

In this issue:

  • 4 Best Ways To Handle Town Guards
  • Character Development Template
  • Johnn Four's GM Guide Books

Roleplaying Tips Weekly E-Zine Issue #492

4 Best Ways To Handle Town Guards



Roleplaying Tips Weekly #491

When Players Cheat: Game Master Tips to Keep Them In Line

This week's article is a tricky one. I debated putting it in the ezine. I haven't gamed with a cheater in decades.

However, I know other GMs are plagued with players who take the game too seriously, who hate to lose, or who have low self-confidence.

--Johnn Fourr

Reprinted with Permission

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